Glass & Platinum

Platinum Material Types

1.      Physically Pure platinum
for temperature measurement sensors (thermocouples and resistance thermometers) used as basic material for optical glass industry as it is not colouring the final glass product.
2.      Chemistry Pure platinum
for applications in which oxidation and corrosion resistance play the main role but there are no high requirements on mechanical strength.
3.      Platinum-rhodium alloys
for the highest oxidation resistance combined with mechanical strength during long service periods at high temperature, main material in the glass industry.
4.      Platinum-iridium alloys
for high mechanical strength together with outstanding corrosion resistance and biocompatibility in the human body.
5.      Platinum-gold alloys
for special application in analytical laboratory and for e-glass fiber bushings making fiberglass for i.e PCB applications.
6.      Oxide dispersion hardened materials
for reinforced material in variety of applications.