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EGLASS Group (EG) has been formed over a period of more than 30 years and is specialized in platinum systems known as DHPS® (Direct Heated Platinum Systems) for refining, conditioning and feeding of hot glassmelt. Further, forming equipments and machines for super thin glass sheets, tubes and rods, blown and pressed articles of high quality are increasing EG’s product range.


During the time, EG’s main market has become the display industry[i] for television, monitor and mobile use; the lighting industry (home, projectors and automobiles) and the pharmaceutical packaging industry. EG has delivered systems to produce electrical, optical and technical glasses as well as heat resistance glass for all kinds of applications. More than 45 leading global glass manufacturers have been served.


Especially in the display industry, EG has provided turnkey lines used to produce super thin sheet glass for TFT[ii], LTPS[iii], OLED[iv], Layer- and Coverglass[v] applications. All major TFT and Coverglass substrate providers worldwide are using DHPS® systems originally delivered by EG.


Member companies of EGLASS: 

  • EGLASS International Hong Kong
  • EGLASS Germany
  • EGLASS Taiwan

EGLASS International  acts as General Contractor and supplier for production lines for several kinds of glass products worldwide (90% of customers are located in Asia).


EGLASS Germany design Direct Heated Platinum Systems DHPS® and Power Coating Feeder PCF® in order to support EG in the field of engineering and know-how.


EGLASS Taiwan is focused on R&D by using mathematical and physical models, manufacturing and assembling DHPS® systems in the own workshop and fabricating control equipments for the thermoprocess of DHPS and the power electronics for the machines.

A laboratory for analysing all major glass properties and several furnaces build to reach temperatures of 1700˚C -including induction furnaces- are used to develop new and customised glass compositions as well as small scale glass production up to 1,000kg.



[i]Coverglass is an emerging market since the last 5-7 years just reaching the 1 billion USD market size and with predicted annual growth rates of >20% for the next 3-5 years.

The matured market of TFT and other flat screen displays established decades ago, has reached the annual volume of approx. 2 billion pieces per year with a market size of about 15 billion USD for TFT displays alone.


This huge market was boosted by touch screen smart phones and tablet personal computer using Coverglass for protection.


Glass industry giants like Corning, Asahi and NEG are among the front runners. The heart of many glass production lines is the platinum system, called DHPS® used for conditioning and forming of molten high quality glass, where EGLASS Group emerges as one of the leading supplier of these systems for over 3 decades.


[ii]TFT = Thin-Film transistor


[iii]LTPS = Low-temperature poly-silicone


[iv]OLED = Organic light-emitting diode


[v]CG = Protective high alumina Cover-glass or Cover-lens