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Company history

Period 1978 –1992

EGLASSTREK Patent Promotion & Awarding




Establishing of EGLASSTREK Patent Promotion & Awarding by Diether Böttger in Hochheim, Germany after more than 20 years of working experience at Schott Glaswerke, Mainz.



First patent of EGLASSTREK for E-Glass fiber melting, conditioning and forming.



First patent by Michael Boettger for SDDP Slot Down Draw process.



Delivery of SDD system to Hoya Corporation, Japan for optical filters.



Delivery of double stirrer system to AGC Asahi Glass, Japan for Mini Float process (TN Display).



Delivery of high temperature refined glass system to Corning, USA for Macor® glass products.

Macor®  is a trademark of Corning incorporated, USA.



Delivery of Vacuum Refining system to AGC Asahi Glass, Japan for Mini Float process (STN & TFT Display Glass).



Delivery of SDD system  to Corning, USA for TFT glass (Glass Code 7059).

Move of EGLASSTREK from Hochheim to Oestrich-Winkel, Germany.

Chengdu Guangming (CDGM), China received SDD system to produce STN display by SDD process.



Period 1993 –1999

Cooperation between EGLASSTREK & EGLASS Platinum Technology




EGLASS Platinum Technology GmbH and EGLASS Production & Trade GmbH established in Jesteburg and Ilmenau, Germany.

Cooperation agreement was signed between EGLASS Platinum Technology and EGLASSTREK.



Platinum stirring and feeding system for heat resistance glass type Pyrex with expansion 33 delivered to several glass makers like Taiwan Glass, Taiwan / Ilmenauer Glaswerke, Germany / Jeanette Specialty Glass, USA etc.



Deliveries of high quality lead crystal glass DHPS® system Type 110/210 to VCA Durand, France / Cristalleries Baccarat, France / Asfour Crystal, Egypt / Preciosa, Czech Republic.



DHPS® Direct Heated Platinum Systems is registered at the German Trademark Office DPMA (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt).



DHPS® Feeding systems for tableware products with Soda-Lime Barium Glass delivered to Ritzenhoff, Germany / Iittala, Finland / Inn Crystal, Austria / LR Crystal, Slovak Republic / Crystalex, Czech Republic / Concorde Kristalglas, Germany.



Delivery of Danner Tubing Conditioning and Feeding System for neutral glass tubes with expansion 50 to HKS Hankuk Speciality Glass  (Toshiba, later Asahi Techno Glass), Korea.



SDD system for new TFT glass type OA-10 was delivered to NEG Nippon Electric Glass, Japan.



DHPS® feeding with upto 20 streams for glass bead production by Chopper Wheel Process. Multiple streams of fine glass to make beads with diameter of 0.5 - 2.0mm including forming and gather equipment for different glass compositions were delivered to Potters Ballotini, Sil-Trade, Sovitec all Germany.



Long-life modular DHPS® system for Vacuum Refining, Stirring and Cooling was supplied to AGC Asahi Glass, Japan for new TFT glass type AN-100 by Mini Float process.



EGLASS Platinum Technology and EGLASSTREK terminated the cooperation on November 25, 1999.

EGLASSTREK has contracted  in the following years directly with customers like Saint Gobain, France / Picvue, Taiwan / AGC Asahi Glass, Japan.

Liquidation of EGLASSTREK has been announced in 2014.



Period 2000 –today

Forming of EGLASS Group (EG)



EGLASS Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, was established to serve the Asian region as 75% of the customers are from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.



DHPS® system for Pyrex type Borosilicate glass tubes with expansion 33 produced by Vello Process was delivered to Sklarny Kavalier, Czech Republic



Deliveries of DHPS® feeding system for Borosilicate glass to Dr. Genthe, Germany / United Oriental Glass, Taiwan / Okamoto Glass, Japan etc. for Automobile and General Lighting Industry.



Based on experience with different glass composition and SDD process for the display glass industry, EG delivered turnkey production lines for STN and TFT mothersheet to glass maker COTC (China Optoelectronics Technology Corp.), Taiwan with a group of German and international vendors/partners.



EGLASS International Ltd., Hong Kong was established  to take over the responsibility for deliveries of DHPS® and Forming machines and other glass making equipments for the Asian market, which until today accounts for more than 90% of EG customers.

EGLASS Asia is now responsible for controlling and managing the IP (Intellectual property) of the EGLASS Group.

A JDA (Joint Development Agreement) was signed between EG and AGC. The development was focusing on DHPS® system in connection with ODD Forming process (Fusion or Overflow Down Draw Process) and the production of sample glasses for TFT and PDP displays.



EGLASS Machinery and Parts was acquired by MBO and signed cooperation agreement with EG which continued until 2008.

It was taken over and renamed EMP Glass in 2008 and is not part of the EGLASS Group.



EGLASS Production & Trade GmbH, Germany (established since 1993 out of Jesteburg and Erfurt) moved to a new bigger location in Buchholz, Germany; another building was added the following year expanding the company's production and assembly area to 1250 sqm.



EGLASS Production started fabrication of Control Cabinets for thermo processing and power distribution systems.

EG delivered glass purification system HTR (High Temperature Refiner) using the DHPS® heating concept to AGC Asahi Glass, Japan.



EG delivered melting delivery system for high-viscous glass melt for protecting molten steel surface from oxidation to POSCO, Korea.



EGLASS International signed a Turnkey project with a new glass fabrication company KMTC (Kornerstone Materials Technology Corp.), China to deliver the production line as a total solution "from Bach House to Cross cutting" of Coverglass by ODDP® Process.

EGLASS Taiwan Ltd., Taiwan was establish as a center for coordinating the different vendors, logistic of their equipment and coordination of engineers from scheduling of assembly, setup to translation. EGLASS Taiwan was the project coordinator of the EG group for the Turnkey project.



For the Turnkey production line delivery, EG was responsible for the scope of input in form of calculations, data and documentation for factory construction, floor plan, utility specification, requirements and setup, facility and laboratory requirements, equipment procurement, construction supervision, coordination of manpower, assembly, supervision, set into operation, training and translation, and especially transition of know-how, IP (Intellectual Property) for the equipment, process and glass composition.



EGLASS Taiwan brought together an engineering team to workout in detail the design concept from Germany and to support the final design including FEM Model calculations, 2D/3D design, workshop drawings and civil engineering for EG projects.



Eglass Germany and Eglass Taiwan was responsible for analyzing and modifying existing pharmaceutical tubing  production system by designing and development of the DHPS system for 2 tubing lines in Nipro Pharma Packaging India.

Eglass Taiwan assembled and installed the 2 DHPS system in Nipro PharmaPackaging India, Production yield rate after installation increased dramatically from 30% to 80%.



Eglass Taiwan established a storage facility for spare parts and a workshop for integrated glass research and development in New Taipei city, with glass melting facilities for temperatures of up to 1700°C, Laboratory equipment for measurements of glass parameters, testing  equipment for optimizing chemical strengthening of glass.



Eglass Taiwan developed a new coating technology for protecting the DHPS system from oxidation and more important by preventing bubble formation due to electrolysis.

Eglass Taiwan installed the improved DHPS system with the new coating technology in Nipro PharmaPackaging  India.



Eglass Taiwan provided and installed a revised DHPS bottom drain for Nipro PharmaPackaging India.

Eglass International invested in Zhejiang, China for a glass production factory to produce Boro 5.0 glass tubes and display glass.