Finite element analysis of FEM (Finite Element Method)

FEM analysis is one of the core simulation used in CAE computer-aided engineering operation
In modern computer aided design CAD and engineering CAE, FEM stand out to be one of the most widely use analytical method for design and development of products, It utilizes scientific method to build structural simulation based on thermal heat transfer, electromagnetic effect, fluid flow analysis and structural working environment.


Overcome engineering problems

In the design, engineering and manufacturing of DHPS®system, Eglass have combined  knowledge, experience , know-how and FEM simulation to develop and manufacture customize equipment for our customers, FEM is most helpful in troubleshooting existing equipment and system problems by analyzing liquid flow along the DHPS®channel in contrast to the system glass level, temperature level and pressure. It is use in heat flow analysis and design optimization of insulation layers for cooling tubes, another application of FEM is fluid flow analysis inside the Stirrer and batch fluid channel, Structure of PGM, metals and materials combined with the system can be analyze for ideal material selection and thus optimum system function.    


Shorten production line design

With that much data and information, numerical FEM models help to explain the physical principles, established analysis and forecast future product features and designed to minimize R&D investment and development time, cross cutting and overcoming complex engineering.




EG Support Partners

Eglass is wholly dedicated in research and development of advance equipment, design and integration of CAD AND CAE in order to optimize production line planning and minimize cost and time for our customer.